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‘Stranger Things’ Adult Eleven Halloween Costume Sparks ...

A "sexy" Eleven Halloween costume up for sale has 'Stranger Things' fans grossed out and outraged. It's not hard to imagine why.

Netflix 'Stranger Things' Eleven costume is blowing up ...

Netflix's newcomer "Stranger Things" has proven popular in the Halloween season as people dress up, especially Eleven.

Sexed-up 'Stranger Things' Eleven Halloween costume ...

People are outraged at a costume named 'Upside Down Honey,' a sexualized take on 'Stranger Things' character Eleven.

Sexy 'Stranger Things' Eleven Halloween Costume Sparks ...

"Upside Down Honey" costume is modeled after 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown's character on Stranger Things

Stranger Things fans furious at 'sexy Eleven' halloween ...

With Stranger Things 2 having been released just days before Halloween, partygoers are gearing up to dress as their favourite characters from the Netflix show.

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A ccording to Pinterest, the number of saved Stranger Things images (likely for costume inspiration) are up 40 times. And while Eleven's pink peter pan ...

All About Eleven’s’ ‘Stranger Things 2’ Makeover, From the ...

What was your biggest costume challenge heading into Stranger Things 2? Figuring out what Eleven would wear after the pink dress was something that the ...

Sexy 'Stranger Things' costume draws backlash from fans ...

The $50 costume — like other unauthorized costumes — does not officially use “Stranger Things” in the title, but the likeness to Eleven ...

Elijah Wood Is A Dead Ringer For Eleven From ‘Stranger ...

Elijah Wood Is A Dead Ringer For Eleven From ‘Stranger Things' In This Halloween Costume "I loved it."

There's a 'sexy' 'Stranger Things' Eleven costume - INSIDER

People are outraged over this 'sexy' costume based on a 12-year-old 'Stranger Things' character